What is a course?

A course is simply a group of chapters and pages. You can create a course or update a course at any point and it can be made instantly live to your audience.

What is a Chapter?

A chapter can be a small section of the course you're building that acts as an individual milestone. For example, if you're building a Learn Python Programming Language course, Variables can be a chapter, and Loops can be a different chapter, as they are two different topics one would learn while going through a Learn Python course.

A chapter can function in two ways.

  1. It can be a single page of information about the given topic in the course. For example, if you're building a course that teaches Handling Stripe Subscriptions, creating a stripe subscription and canceling a stripe subscription can be two different pages of information.

  2. It can be a group of multiple pages of sub-topic for the given topic. For example, in the Learn Python Programming Language example above, a chapter like Sets can have several pages that can be covered like Creating a set, Removing from set etc.

What is a Page?

A page is an optional part of a chapter when you need to break down a chapter into several sub-topics, as explained in point 2 under What is a Chapter above.


  • A course will contain one or more chapters

  • A chapter may optionally contain one or more pages.

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